Regular events at Malung Community Center


Monthly Business Meetings . . .

The regular business meetings are held at 11:00 AM the 2nd Monday of each month, all Malung residents welcome.

The MCC Monthly Potlucks . . .

The monthly potlucks are held at noon on the 1st Wednesday of each month, everyone welcome! (September - April)

Everyone is invited to remain after lunch to play games, socialize, or have another treat with coffee!!

About Us

What is MCC all about?

Our mission is to enhance the interaction and cultural awareness of residents and surrounding areas through scheduled activities and events at the Malung Community Center and provide a place for kids to play, neighbors to visit, and families to meet.

If you are interested in scheduling an event at

 MCC (Malung Community Center) you may

 call 218 - 424 - 7506 or 218 - 424 - 7305  for 

more information.   Thank you.

MCC is a non-profit organization.

Contributions to MCC are tax deductible.

From 1955 to 2018 . . .

Crazy/ fun!!!

Click on the two images below to take a trip to the past and back again!!

Hang on to your hat!! Thank you to all who supported this fun MCC project!

MCC sponsores a 5K walk - run yearly!


Activities benefiting the community and it's residents


MCC is the venue for community and family activities.

MCC accommodates, family reunions, church youth group activities, community fund raisers, educational classes of all kinds . . .


MCC burns wood for supplemental heat!

A team of local volunteers cut the wood and fire the outdoor wood furnace twice a day during the heating season.

MCC Woodmen Stove Filling Team

The Wood Stove Calendar!!

Nov 2 - Nov 8, AM - Curt Kjear

Nov 9 - Nov 15, AM - Al Hagen

Nov 16 - Nov 22, AM - Al Hagen

Nov 23 - Nov 29, AM - Curt Kjear

Nov 30 - Dec 6, AM - Curt Kjear, PM - Curt Kjear

Dec 7- Dec 13, AM - Curt Kjear, PM - Curt Kjear

Dec 14 - Dec 20, AM - Al Hagen, PM - Al Hagen

Dec 21 - Dec 27, AM - Al Hagen, PM - Al Hagen

Dec 28 - Jan 3, AM - Al Hagen, PM - Al Hagen

Jan 4 - Jan 10, AM - Curt Kjear, PM - Curt Kjear

Jan 11 - Jan 17, AM - Ryan Dunham, PM - Ryan Dunham

Jan 18 - Jan 24, AM - Al Hagen, PM - Al Hagen

Jan 25 - Jan 31, AM - Don Miller, PM - Don Miller

Feb 1 - Feb 7, AM - Skip Borneman, PM - Skip Borneman

Feb 8 - Feb 14, AM - Doug Hedlund, PM - Doug Hedlund

Feb 15 - Feb 21, AM - Doug Hedlund, PM - Doug Hedlund

Feb 22 - Feb 28, AM - Bruce Briese, PM - Bruce Briese

Feb 29 - Mar 6, AM - Carter Hedlund, PM - Carter Hedlund

Mar 7 - Mar 13, AM - Chancy Otto, PM - Chancy Otto

Mar 14 - Mar 20, AM - Deidric Heppner, PM - Deidric Heppner

Mar 21 - Mar 27, AM - Mark Haugen, PM - Greg Iverson

Mar 28 - Apr 3, AM - Al Hagen, PM - Al Hagen

Apr 4 - Apr 10, AM - Warren Olson, PM - Warren Olson

Wood burning at MCC has stopped for the season.

This will be updated regularly. - If interested in being on the wood team? Call Don Miller at 218-280-8253

Its a good way to get warm twice!!

Your cooperation and help is much appreciated!

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Malung Community Center

County Road 2, Roseau, MN 56751, US

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